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History of Doulos Ministries

Doulos Ministries was formed in the Ottawa area in 2001 in order to allow Paul Racine to work full-time with youth pastors in the region in the area of networking and mentoring. The name Doulos is taken from the Greek word for “servant”. The purpose of Doulos is not to create any sort of new work or ministry that is dependent upon these youth pastors, but rather to come alongside existing ministries that work with youth or young adults and see them affirmed and strengthened in their vision and calling. Mentoring, discipleship andleadership development are all a big part of the purpose behind what Doulos does and this is accomplished by coming alongside youth pastors on a one-on-one basis to meet them where they are at in their journey. Doulos also allows Paul to speak in a number of different settings each year and these include youth groups, retreats, churches, seminars, schools and conferences. As well, Doulos has begun to broaden out into missions, especially in Northern Quebec amongst the Cree communities.

Doulos was formed to allow Paul to work across denominational lines, networking youth pastors and leaders together from all different churches. A network was in operation but the need was there to make it more functional and provide services and information that were needed and desired by the youth pastors. The existing network still exists and is called Exousia. A monthly meeting is held every second Thursday to allow for encouragement, prayer, a time of refreshment and a chance to dream God’s dreams for the region. The desire was to see Exousia begin to take on things together that could not be accomplished by individual youth pastors or even just a few of them coming together. Click here for more information about Exousia.

A real need had also been identified to have someone work with the leaders who were working in the trenches with youth and often felt tired, discouraged and isolated. Next to being the worship leader in a church, youth pastor is the toughest calling. The only time you normally hear from parents or the leadership is when something is seen as wrong or missing. Working with youth is a huge calling, especially when you take it seriously and are not just trying to entertain, or create alternatives to Disney world, but truly want to keep the youth coming out. Real youth ministry is bringing Jesus into the journey and the moments of the story being lived out by our youth now. It is knowing how to communicate the transforming power of relational experience with Jesus and not just religious conformity. It is teaching them to realise that the historical Jesus is the One who wants to be part of their moments now and how to connect with Him to make that a reality. It is being their leader and not just their friend, their mentor and not just their Facebook connection, the one who helps plant the seeds that will later grow into maturity by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is believing in who they will be, not just seeing them for who they currently are. It is letting them know you do all of this out of a love for them that is but a reflection of the love Jesus has for them, and it is also a commitment to be there for them.

In the last ten years Doulos has expanded to include a ministry up in northern Quebec amongst the Cree youth. This began seven years ago with camps that were held in partnership with professional teams in football and basketball. It has since expanded to holding camps for youth that run for six weeks each summer in at least six different communities. Click here for more information about our work with the Cree, including photos.

Doulos is a non-profit, charitable organisation that relies on the donations of individuals to continue on its ministry. God has been faithful in meeting our needs day by day, year after year and we are so grateful for those He has raised up who help us continue the calling.





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