Fall 2011

The Three Prodigals
by Benno Friesen
The other side of a well-known story.

How Pastors Can Keep Youth Workers
by Mike Yaconelli
What to know the secrets to having a youth pastor in your church for many years? Read this article!

Youth Pastors and Longevity
by Jeff Gunther
Why do youth pastors only stay in a church for such a short amount of time? What causes the constant change and flux?

Spring 2011

Reflections of a Trip up North
by Paul Racine

Reflections of a trip to three northern Cree communities to introduce Paul's three summer interns.

Journey of Hope Beyond the Dead End
by Paul Racine
Reflections of a trip to Northern Quebec and the need to see, and help others see, beyond the sorrows and troubles they are currently encountering.

Life is Unfair
by Paul Racine
The Parable of the Vineyard Owner (Matthew 20)

I Need to See Some Miracles
by Paul Racine
The Road to Emmaus (Luke 24)