No Other Name – 2020

Last year, the No Other Name team adapted to the emerging pandemic by holding an online Good Friday conference. Here’s what that looked like.

We’re gearing up for another online stream for No Other Name 2021. For details, visit www.noothername.net.

Empowering Ottawa

For the past two and half months, Paul, Matt, and other local youth leaders have been working on a new YouTube channel called Empowering Ottawa. On this channel, leaders share empowering messages with youth from the Ottawa Region. Check out Paul and Matt’s videos on the theme of hope!

A New Normal

The pandemic and other social upheavals have many of us looking for normality. In these two short videos, Paul examines what “a new normal” looks like from God’s perspective. Be encouraged!

Mistissini Healing

This short documentary is called Mistissini Healing: Two Stories of Intergenerational Trauma.

“A quick update on one of the people in this video, MaryJanes Petawabano. She has now finished her education and is back in Mistissini working with their Native Addicitions program and bringing hope to many that their stories can be changed. And I am excited to tell you that she has also married Jeremiah and I had the privilege of doing their wedding in September 2019. It has been amazing to see God at work in their lives!”


Each summer, Paul and a number of volunteers and youth travel to different Cree nations in Northern Quebec where they run sports camps for the children in the area. These camps increase throughout the weeks they run, and they become more popular every year.

Click to learn about the camps, see pictures, and view community links:


Population: 4,872 (2016)
Location: Shores of Hudson Bay near Fort George


Population: 767 (2011)
Claim to Fame: Headquarters for the Cree Regional Trappers
Location: East coast of James Bay


Population: 3,427 (2011)
Claim to Fame: Home of the largest freshwater lake in Quebec
Location: 800 km north of Montreal


Population: 712 (in 2011)
Claim to Fame: Smallest Cree community
Location: Shores of Lake Champion


Population: 900 (2017)
Claim to Fame: Received the United Nations: We the Peoples award in Human Settlements in 1995
Location: James Bay territory, between the 49th and 50th parallels


Population: 2,200
Claim to Fame: One of the oldest Cree settlements
Location: Along the Rupert River


Population: 1,473
Claim to Fame: Southernmost Cree community
Location: Along Highway 113 and Waswanipi River


Population: 1,400
Location: At the mouth of the Maquatua River along the east coast of James Bay


Population: 800
Claim to Fame: Richmond Gulf, known for its good fishing waters
Location: Above 55th parallel, along the east coast of Hudson Bay