The Mission

Youth ministry is a major calling.
Faithful youth ministry brings Jesus into the story youth live now.
It’s communicating the power of relational experience with Jesus, not religious conformity.
It’s being their leader and mentor; not just their friend or Instagram connection.
It’s planting seeds that will grow by the power of the Holy Spirit.
It’s believing in who they will be, not just seeing who they currently are.
It’s a commitment to be there for them.
It’s letting them know you love them, reflecting Jesus’ unconditional love for them.

Coaching & Mentoring

We spend time with those whose hearts are full-time in ministry with either youth or young adults, regardless of their occupation, and encourage their walk with God.  We strengthen leaders to pursue their calling and become better equipped to influence the lives of those around them.


Public speaking opportunities has opened doors for Doulos in churches, including youth, young adults, and men’s groups, as well as universities, high schools, camps, retreats, and seminars.  Topics range from evangelistic to equipping to edification, all grounded in the Word of God.


We equip youth pastors and leaders to understand their potential and gifting, and to be unleashed to pursue their vision.  Doulos works with Exousia, the local youth pastor’s network, and is the catalyst behind events like No Other Name. We’re also involved in youth camps with norther Indigenous communities.